Defense Sprays
Take Down Pepper Gel
   Air Guns
Benjamin Sheridan
Accessories and Pellets
1inch Airgun/.22 Rings
30mm Airgun/.22 Rings
Space Age .22/Airgun Rings
   Airsoft Guns
Classic Army - Airsoft Rifles
Classic Army - Airsoft Packages
G & G Armament
ICS - Airsoft Rifles
Neonfire - Airsoft - Rifles
Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistols
Tokyo Marui Airsoft Rifles and AEG
ICS - Gas Airsoft Pistols
   Airsoft Accessories
Protective Glasses & Masks
Batteries, Chargers and Adapters
Spring Airsoft BBs
Airsoft Modification Accessories
Spare Magazines and Loaders
Targets & Gas
   Tactical Gear
Tactical Flashlights & Lasers
Tactical Mounts, Rails and Grips
Tactical Assault Vests
Gloves and Pads
ESS Eye Protection
Rifle Bags and Cases
Equipment Bags and Cases
Magazine Bags
Weapon Slings
Walkie Talkie and Phone Pouches
Belts and Loops
Other Accessories
5TH GEN Scopes
Scope Accessories
Under the Gun
Red Dot Scopes
Scopes and Mounts for Airsoft
   Knives / Tools
Fixed Blade Knives
Tools and More
LED Flashlights
Flashlight Batteries
   AR15/M16/AK47 Not Airsoft
Spare Magazines
   Talley Scope Rings and Bases
Talley Scope Ring Base
Talley Fixed Scope Rings

Business Opportunity

We invested ~$200,000 in the inventory, web site, etc. for this business but were forced to shut down due to the economic downturn. We saved everything to restart the business when the economy turned around, but now that the economy has turned around we are busy with other projects and would prefer to sell off what we have and let someone else pick up where we left off. Offered at $19,500 this is an excellent opportunity for someone!


  • Approximately 2000 inventory items
    • Approximate number buyer can verify
    • All items are NEW in boxes or bags from the vendors
    • Pellet Guns
    • Airsoft Guns
    • Knives
    • Tactical Vests
    • Holsters
    • Scopes
    • Mounts
    • Tactical Items
  • Our cost for this inventory was ~ $50,000 (+/-)
  • The Retail Value for this inventory was ~ $60,000 (+/-)
    • Approximate value based on our web prices (the inventory report is missing the sell price for many items so it is undervalued)
    • Our $19,500 offer price should give you ample opportunity to make a return on your investment regardless of the exact retail value.

Vendor List

  • Excel Spreadsheet with ~46 vendors
    • You would need to set up your own account with these vendors

Customer List

  • Excel Spreadsheet with ~2800 customers
    • We have not contacted these customers since 2012

Web Site

    • We will transfer the domain name to you
    • We will make a copy of the web site files for you
    • We removed the credit card processing therefore you can not complete a purchase on the web site at this time.
    • We could potentially convert to a "call in to place" order web site for you.
    • Great head start on building your own web site with all the pictures and descriptions

Offered at $19,500 OBO

The business can be run anywhere, is easily scalable, and can be combined with physical selling at trade shows, swap meets, or through groups and publications to grow your sales base. Great opportunity for someone with a Military or Law Enforcement background to sell into those huge market opportunities, or for someone to make extra cash on the weekends at swap meets or gun shows! Buy our inventory below our cost and build your own business with your own ingenuity and hard work. Potential to both make a healthy profit selling this inventory, plus build a business that will generate profit for years to come!

Please email any questions to:

See the flyer on our web page...


(Disclaimer from the lawyers... ) Your success depends on your ability and hard work therefore we cannot guarantee results.

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