Baja Off-Road: Handheld Footage in Our Can-Am X3

Introduction: Join Michael Hankerson with AZ Outdoor Adventures on another Adventure of a Lifetime, where this time we embark on a breathtaking journey through Baja, Mexico. This unique trip is captured through handheld footage, offering a raw and intimate glimpse into our off-road adventure.

Our adventure through Baja, Mexico, was an epic 400-mile journey from La Rumorosa to the legendary Mike’s Sky Ranch, then to Horsepower Ranch in Ensenada, and finally back to our starting point in La Rumorosa. This video, distinctively shot by my brother Clint Olson and edited by my daughter Jennifer Hankerson, captures the essence of our experience in a way that GoPro footage simply can’t. Unlike the smoothed-out view typically seen in action cams, this handheld footage highlights every jolt and challenge of the rugged terrain, offering viewers a true feel of the off-road experience.

Driving my Can-Am X3 Max alongside Clint, we navigated through some of the most challenging and scenic parts of Baja. The trip was not just a test of our driving skills but also a dream come true for me, having always envisioned exploring these remote areas. Staying at Mike’s Sky Ranch and Horsepower Ranch allowed us to experience the heart of Baja’s off-road culture, deep in the mountains and vibrant Ensenada.

The expedition was expertly organized by Baja UTV Tours, led by JR, with Angel providing essential support as our mechanic in the chase car. My friends Steve Anderson, and brothers Mark and Greg Fulton, were also part of this memorable journey, each piloting their own vehicles through the demanding landscapes.

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