High-Speed Fun and Unexpected Surprises: High-Speed Ride in Baja, Mexico

Join us, Michael Hankerson, and the AZ Outdoor Adventure team for a thrilling high-speed ride across the flats above the Pacific Ocean in Baja, Mexico. This captivating video, now featured on our YouTube channel AZ Outdoor Adventure and shared on our Facebook page AZ Outdoor Adventures, showcases the exhilarating experience of speeding along part of the Baja 500 race course with stunning ocean views and a backdrop of rugged terrain.

Filmed between Punta Colonet and Ejido Erendira on a 400-mile journey, I was joined by my good friends Steve Anderson, Mark Fulton, Greg Fulton, and my brother Clint Olson. The trip was a breathtaking blend of high-speed excitement and memorable moments with great company.

Our adventure kicks off with a hypnotic sequence of fence posts that rapidly change shape as we zoom past. The soundtrack to our journey, No Doubt’s energetic cover of the classic Talk Talk song, sets a vibrant tone. The powerful winds off the Pacific Ocean clear the dust from our path, providing an unobstructed view despite the high speed.

A notable moment at the 53-second mark features a directional marker for the legendary Baja 500, lending a touch of the event’s adventurous spirit to our excursion. Just before the one-minute mark, we took a long break at the beach, and a very amusing incident occurred as we scrambled to leave. Our leader, JR from Baja UTV Tours, typically gives a “5-minute warning” before departure, but humorously, he says “5 Minutes,” then immediately goes to his Can-Am, gets in, puts on his helmet, and drives off—more like 30 seconds, ha ha! So, as Clint and I hurried to get off the beach as the third car to capture some video footage instead of just dust, Clint was steering my Can-Am while I was putting on my helmet.

During the ride, we also encountered a massive puddle, which we charge through at full speed, soaking both my brother and me—(The two girls in the green UTV in front of us hit it at full speed, so I just had to do it too.) Finally, toward the end of the video, there’s a huge dog in the back of one of the pickup trucks I passed.

This video captures the essence of an exhilarating ride through one of the world’s most famous off-road courses, highlighted by the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the strong bonds among friends. It embodies our motto, “Join us on the Adventure of a Lifetime.” Whether you’re an avid off-roader or simply love watching high-speed outdoor adventures, this video is sure to entertain and inspire.

Catch the full experience on our YouTube channel, share your thoughts on our Facebook page, and explore more stories and videos at AZoutdoor.net. Prepare for your next adventure with us—it’s sure to be an unforgettable ride!

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If this recount of our Baja adventure excites you, we invite you to watch the full video on our YouTube channel. For a deeper dive into our journey, check out the accompanying detailed blog post and explore our Google Earth map to see exactly where our adventures took place. Stay tuned and join us on more ‘Adventures of a Lifetime’ with AZ Outdoor Adventure!

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