Conquering the Apache Skyline Loop Trail: A Family Adventure

Have you ever wanted to explore the natural beauty of Arizona’s landscapes? Join us on a visual journey through the Apache Skyline Loop Trail at Desert Mountain, where breathtaking views and family bonding come alive. In 2018, my daughter Jennifer and I tackled this challenging yet rewarding trail, capturing the experience on video to share with all hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The Trail Experience

The Apache Skyline Loop Trail is renowned for its scenic vistas and rugged terrain. Ascending 1200 feet and spanning 5 miles, this trail offers a glimpse into the heart of Arizona’s wilderness. Our adventure began early morning, joined by fellow hikers from the Gainey Village Health Club and the DC Ranch Health Club, adding a wonderful community feel to our hike.

What to Expect on the Trail

For those planning to take on this trail, prepare for a moderately challenging hike. The trail’s elevation gain provides spectacular views of the surrounding Desert Mountain area, making it a photographer’s paradise. Along the way, you’ll encounter diverse flora and fauna native to the Arizona landscape, adding an educational twist to your hike.

Our Memorable Moments

One of the highlights of our hike was the breakfast at the tent camp post-hike. It’s not just about the journey; the destinations like these offer a unique way to relax and refuel amidst nature’s beauty. Sharing this moment with my daughter and our group made it even more special, as we exchanged stories and enjoyed the peaceful morning ambiance.

Video Highlights

In our YouTube video, “Apache Skyline Loop Trail Adventure,” viewers can experience every step of our journey. From the challenging ascents to the serene moments enjoying breakfast, the video brings viewers along for an immersive experience. It’s perfect for those who wish to prepare for the hike or simply enjoy the beauty of Arizona from the comfort of their home.


The Apache Skyline Loop Trail is more than just a hiking path; it’s a journey through the beauty and challenges of Arizona’s natural landscapes. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a family looking for a bonding adventure, this trail offers something for everyone.

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