Family Rafting Thrills in the Grand Canyon: Taming the Hermit Rapid's Emerald Waters

Join the Hankerson family as we navigate the thrilling Hermit Rapid in the Grand Canyon. Experience the unexpected emerald waters and the exhilarating challenge of one of the Colorado River’s most notable rapids.

Hello, outdoor adventurers! Michael here from @AZoutdoorAdventure, bringing you along on one of our most memorable family escapades through the majestic Grand Canyon. Today, we’re sharing our journey through the formidable Hermit Rapid, known for its vigorous currents and breathtaking scenery.

Background on Hermit Rapid: Hermit Rapid is one of the most notable rapids in the Grand Canyon, located on the Colorado River. It’s famous among rafters and adventure enthusiasts for its challenging and exciting whitewater conditions. Positioned about 95 miles downstream from Lee’s Ferry, the common starting point for river trips through the Grand Canyon, Hermit Rapid presents a unique challenge. It’s classified as a Class 7-8 on the Grand Canyon scale, which indicates very demanding conditions requiring precise maneuvering skills. The rapid features a series of large waves and holes, formed by the river’s flow hitting a debris fan deposited by Hermit Creek, which can create significant waves, particularly at higher water levels. The rapid derives its name from nearby Hermit Creek, named after Louis Boucher, a late 19th-century prospector and hermit who developed trails and guided tours in the canyon.

Our Experience: On this trip, my daughters, Jennifer and Kennedy, proved they were more than capable of handling the rough waters. The highlight of our adventure came unexpectedly at the end of our first day when the typically brown waters of the Colorado River transformed into a stunning shade of emerald green. This rare occurrence is due to the specific sediment and light conditions at the time, adding a magical element to our challenging journey.

In this blog post, accompanied by our latest video, you’ll get a front-row seat to all the action, including the intense rapids and serene moments of natural beauty. Our video captures not just the thrill of the rapids but also the unbreakable bonds we forge with nature and each other during these adventures.

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