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Original Post 06-11-24:  

As you may know, I manage three jobs, three websites, and three YouTube channels. Creating content to educate, inform, sell, and entertain is a crucial part of my work. It’s fascinating to see how certain videos or articles can suddenly surge, garnering tens of thousands of views. I believe that the more videos shot and edited, and the more articles written, the better the content becomes, thus attracting more views. Today, I’m excited to share a milestone: my first video has reached more than 100,000 views—35,000 on one channel and 70,000 on another. Hot on its heels is another video that has amassed over 90,000 views, most of which came in the past two weeks. Here is our top 5:

An Update on What’s Trending 06-13-24: 

Our second video to reach 100,000 + views today.   – 77,000 on one channel and  24,000 on another.  It is a tour of a $6 Million home in Scottsdale AZ.  If you are interested in that home… good news, the price was just reduced to $5,795,000
The Hike to the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon continues to rise as well and now exceeds 111K.

Luxury Homes & The Grand Canyon 06-14-24:

Our top two videos continue to grow in popularity, with 117K and 107K views respectively. It seems that content about luxury homes and the Grand Canyon is particularly popular, although our Metro Phoenix Housing Report also achieved 32.5K views a while ago. I create content on a variety of subjects on a weekly basis, and it will be interesting to see if a new trend emerges.

#2.  130K + views | Hiking to waterfalls in the Grand Canyon | https://azoutdoor.net/river-rafting-and-hidden-hikes-discovering-the-grand-canyons-secret-waterfalls/

#1.  132K + views | $6 Million new build in Scottsdale | https://newhomes-az.com/discover-unparalleled-luxury-in-scottsdale/

#3.  37.5K+ views | $8 Million new build in Paradise Valley | https://newhomes-az.com/4902-e-berneil/

#5. 33K+ views | Hike down Bright Angel Trail | https://azoutdoor.net/an-unforgettable-journey-hiking-and-rafting-the-grand-canyon-with-family/

#4. 34K+ views | River rafting in the Grand Canyon | https://azoutdoor.net/experience-the-thrill-family-rafting-adventure-in-the-grand-canyon/

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